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Lin'an Hotel Jianshui is located at No. 2 Yongjing Road, convenient to the Times Center, Jianshui Zhujia Garden, Jianshui Temple, Jianshui Purple Pottery Museum, Jianshui No.1 Middle School, and Bridge Fragrant Garden, allowing guests to enjoy convenient transportation.

Lin'an Hotel Jianshui integrates catering, accommodation, entertainment, and large shopping malls into one. It is a representative landmark building and city business card in Jianshui. The hotel has exquisitely decorated, luxurious, warm, comfortable and romantic different types of rooms, including one barrier-free room, and the non-smoking floor is set on the luxurious floor. It will provide you with considerate and thoughtful service and leave deep memories during your stay in the hotel.

'Lin'an Hotel Jianshui has 20 luxurious private rooms of different sizes and elegant styles; 29 elegantly decorated and exquisite banquet private rooms. It is an ideal place for you to receive relatives, friends, VIPs and business guests. The hotel chef will show you their high cooking skills and make your tongue beat.

Lin'an Hotel Jianshui is equipped with 6 large, medium and small meeting rooms, one of which is a multifunctional hall that can accommodate 400 people for meetings or dining at the same time, providing you with fast and thoughtful and considerate services. The hotel also has a large parking lot, chess and card entertainment, beauty salon area, spa area, KTV song city, is an ideal place for guests to relax and relax.

Lin'an Hotel Jianshui's back garden has a unique subtropical atmosphere unique to Yunnan. It gathers a variety of local precious flowers and plants and can be used for weddings and outdoor activities. It is an ideal place for you to take a walk and have a rest after tea.
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  • brent1
    Should be very good in Jianshui County hotels, services and facilities of the new, non-comfortable living,
  • Lo524803
    Well, well, every time I go to Jianshui lived here.
  • e03205780
    Very good
  • fan_1005
    Best hotels in Linan, environmental good and service in place!
  • Dean1983
    Build good hotel
  • A950223
    Well, when you go out, be sure to live well. volume of powder for breakfast very good
  • VeniceWen
    Nice decoration atmosphere. If the gym is better.
  • mimic
    Hotel Nice night air conditioning and hot water temperatures are high, that's good.
  • jialongwu
    Well, the surrounding is also very convenient, eat anything
  • maweiyi
    Environment, and around convenience shopping
  • lilongyulin
    Overall is good, unfortunately, is less a computer
  • bianbiancat
    Good location, just outside the old town, Simon is also very convenient. There are underground car parks, should be good local hotels.
  • astiavelvia
    Suite is very large, very good facilities!
  • elian1111
    Overall can be. literally turned a body is the bed creak. Mrs towels are too old. 11 called urge to check out ... make people very uncomfortable.
  • E00074041
    All right
  • fsninian
    Hotel location is very good, very convenient, excellent service!
  • emilyleafs
    Recently spent a few hotels, the hotel cost-effective. hundreds of live suite.
  • wenniefang
    Hotel facilities have no say. Breakfast in General. Main station attendants as wood. A room, such as a back. For more than 20 minutes
  • solerlove
    Which is very nice!
  • ray1358332333
    Best hotel in the city, go to the temple within walking distance to the
  • Annietian
    Hotel is very good, recommended
  • rosie
    Around holiday very convenient, around downtown, good health, breakfast varieties like.
  • liliang1025
    Very good, breakfast very good, will stay again.
  • daniel xia
    A very good environment, very close to the old town
  • Jessie Yang
    Jianshui County, good hotel, is bathroom and no fans to bath water
  • lin_ping_wei
    Which is very nice,
  • Alison1986
    Big hotel in good location. Great room and buffet breakfast. Only one staff member speaks English. But they try hard to be helpful.
  • e02433919
    The General surroundings, even a little broken miscellaneous. hotel facilities and service quality are very good. especially the reception staff very warm.
  • e00026078
    Best hotels in the County.
  • CE618
    Well, exports across the street is pedestrian zhujia garden
  • lillianiu
    Location in the city, go to the old town is very convenient. are tired at noon, you can return to the hotel to rest energy.
  • beverly_w
    Best hotels in Jianshui County, in fine style in the lobby, rooms almost a little bit, but the pillows were very comfortable.
  • DavidTina
    Very good hotel
  • billxab
    OK, bathroom shower leaks in the local sense, want to change
  • sunny101809
    That's good
  • peteragain
    Breakfast not good right now
  • e01962956
    Nice lobby, very stylish
  • lopedou
    That's no problem
  • lxf826469292
    Hotel environment, good health, to build three chose to live here, reception was not flattered, walked no one to greet you
  • casualcai
    Very clean comfortable hotel, each build will stay in this hotel.
  • cocodong
    Hotel is new of, so Hotel internal facilities, external environment good, street opposite is old, next has Bank of China, business line, supermarket, KFC, store, convenient places, visible hotel location and business of bother, this let people pleased, is I stay of reason. Hotel door wearing glasses of 'door child' boys help with I push wheelchair for I Guide, apt of service left deep impression! thanks! heartache of is front desk sister, due to with old legs inconvenience of motherPro-, set room of when deliberately indicate 'middle 12 layer, back street, quiet, smoke-free', arrangements to I of is precisely and I of requirements instead, 'surface Street, senior 15 floor' night can listening to get loud music, noisy! no language, orders requirements not clearly wrote with did? not know she is how understanding text of, issuing Shi also didn't and I description reasons, later see back street of House Hotel is some, with years near 80 of old mother also inconvenience and they care, thought with will aboutForget, check out of when is 11:45, people not more, even I 2 up people, also has two female waiter, staff not is less, is let I, has is long time, two female waiter has said and laugh, procrastination time also didn't to I description reason! such of service in domestic, abroad I also is first times met, is habits has did? is no language! such do is not can of! recommends; has conditions words strengthening about hotel most at least of management training, don't delay has this new hotel.
  • e04962396
    Water is the biggest and best hotels under construction, the room was big, bed was very large, but no tub, breakfast is very good, breakfast was not too much, anyway is worthy of row of recommended hotels, next time you have a chance to build, this hotel was my first choice.
  • aigou1969
    Facilities, nice environment, good sound insulation, sleeping mind!
  • beiorxi
    Very nice hotel
  • benson0101
    Very good, very clean
  • sisy83915
    It's OK
  • logistics
  • e00029907
    Best of Jianshui
  • cyp092
    Buffet breakfast is served in the Drosophila fruit fly a lot. Hotel pillows comfortable. bathroom shower gel smells good. shampoo tastes natural. mid-autumn day sent moon cakes and oranges.
  • nijunfang
    Location was good and the rooms were good. but the hotel lobby is very cold, too open..