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Hotel how to make good use of 'conversational services enhance the guest experience?

Date: 2018-07-19

# Hashtag (" XX "this kind of label, is known as Hashtag, you can use it to mark your Tweet keywords and topics.Hashtag is twitter users original invention, is a method of classifying information.The inventor of the Chris Messina, in 2016 published the article puts forward "Conversational Commerce".

Hereby explains: the mainstream is the Conversational Commerce narrow definition into a "smart assistant" made by voice or text - the user demand, products with Conversational form and user interaction, gradually clear requirements, and then to send it to the background or a third party;Can also be understood as a dialogue on the generalized type Service, in addition to the intelligent assistant, there are many similar concepts such as Digital Agent, Bot, Service Bot, Chatbot, P2P electric business.Such as the Operator do with human experts to help the user consumption decisions now, in the past but unfortunately not tried Bot/AI effect, or Magic mode, entirely on "reality for lazy people use app" drive operation.

It emphasizes the Uber new Facebook Messenger integration capabilities (Facebook Messenger chat client desktop window, allows customers to chat, and receive notifications from reading new desktop), allowing guests Uber roamed the Messenger and orderly manner.He also suggested that 2016 will be "dialogue type service".

Messina, meanwhile, pointed out that in 2015, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (a free, simple, safe and reliable communication applications), including the four top (OTT) applications exceeds the four big social network, at the same time, WhatsApp to waive the cost of all users, further reducing the barriers to entry.

This marked the beginning of "conversational services", paving the way for dialogue type of hotel service.

Following the success of Facebook Messenger API for third-party developers, WeChat and WhatsApp also will quickly follow up.

This provides billions of dollars in global travellers everywhere, they can communicate through their preferred messaging channel, without having to download another application.